Beautiful you

I believe you are so much more than how you look. There is magic when you are confident, strong and happy with your body and your life. Doors start to open, relationships improve, energy soars.

With our busy lives, it’s even more important to stop, nourish, and nurture our body and mind. That’s why I created Body by Finch - a place for women to reconnect with themselves, find fitness, a wholesome way of eating, and a holistic approach to everything health related.

You deserve to be the best you and live life to the fullest. I hope I can share this journey with you!

Love Rach Xx

my story

From tomboy

Mum says she can remember me running down the athletics track with nappies on. I started playing sport from a young age and it was my dream to compete at the Olympics. Our family spent most Sundays water skiing and my brother Dave and I would make billy carts to race down the street.

To model

When I was 15 I was approached by a model scout at the airport and asked to enter a modelling competition. Before I knew it I was traveling the world working as a model and was then lucky enough to win the Miss Universe Australia Competition. I signed to the Seven Network and with Myer department store as an ambassador.

To mother, author and
founder of Body By Finch

Today I am mother to Violet and Dominic and wife to Misha (who was in fact my partner on Dancing with the Stars!). I'm a certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, founder of my activewear range, B.O.D by Finch and online health and fitness program, Body by Finch. I love discovering what makes me a better person and get more out of life. I get my happiness from helping others become better versions of themselves and find their inner happiness.

Brighten the lives of sick kids with just one click!

Did you know that when you become a Body by Finch member, you will be helping to raise funds for the Starlight Children's Foundation programs including Make A Wish! Starlight Wishes make the impossible happen. Whether it's surfing with a pro surfer, meeting a pop star or flying with the family to the Gold Coast theme parks, Starlight shows sick kids that no matter how hard life can be, there's always something to smile about!


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