Happy Healthy Strong – Available Now

Writing this book for you has been such a magical journey. I have included as much as I can in here for you, from 85+ healthy recipes, my fitness tips, a 2 week vitality plan, health and wellness principles, advice on mindfulness and work/life balance.

07 Dec • 13 min read


B.O.D Apparel Range Website Is Now Live

Active wear has taken me through so much in life – not just my daily fitness plans. I’ve travelled the world…

01 Dec • 5 min read


The Best Dairy Free Chocolate To Put In Your Trolley

Our amazing friend and nutritionist, Jessica Cox shares her research on the best diary free chocolate to put in…

22 Nov • 3 min read


My Mct Coffee

I have been loving an MCT coffee to start my day. Depending on your health goals, it can be a great addition to…

10 Jun • 6 min read


What I Wore – Spring Wellness Workshop

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of speaking at the Spring Wellness Workshop at The Westin in Melbourne. I…

18 Sep • 5 min read


The Wellness Festival

Over the weekend I hosted a brand new baby, The Wellness Festival. Talk about inspiration and health hit!…

02 May • 6 min read


Peanut Butter Protein Ice Cream

Incredibly delicious and fulfilling. If you’re an ice cream lover you will want to keep this recipe handy, it…

13 Mar • 3 min read