The Best Dairy Free Chocolate To Put In Your Trolley

Our amazing friend and nutritionist, Jessica Cox shares her research on the best diary free chocolate to put in your trolley……

“With Easter just around the corner (seriously didn’t my family just leave after Christmas a few weeks ago?) I thought it was an apt time to look at a breakdown of the best, and shall we say not so best, dairy free chocolates on the mainstream market. I haven’t gone into health food stores or online shopping for this as I wanted to keep it in the easy access pile for many of you. To be honest, majority of the best chocolates are now online or being sold in good health food stores and I’ll include a footnote at the end of this article highlighting some of the finest. For now though we are going to focus on what you can pick up at your local supermarkets. As always, we will look at flavour, ingredients, nutrition and intolerance friendly capacity of each product. Let the choc-o-thon begin!

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